About Us

The Five Towns Community Center, Inc. continues its mission to service the people of the Five Towns and the surrounding areas. The agency has established an office in Hempstead as well as expanding services to Roosevelt, Freeport, Westbury and Uniondale.

In 2007, the agency turned 100 years old. This is an achievement of longevity. All thanks to the thousands of volunteers, supporters and staff contributions made to this agency.

There are some new issues and old issues in our scope as a human services agency — workforce housing, rise in AIDS cases in the minority communities, the continuous problems of substance abuse, the rise in youth violence and gang formation. The rise in foreign-born population with culture language and family issues will continue.

The lack of public dollars to address these problems will be a challenge to this agency. The Board of Directors has worked continuously to insure the agency has the necessary resources to carry out its mission. We have a working board, which is committed to this agency. I’m very appreciative of the board and staff support and the delivery of high quality services.

We will strive to meet the challenges we face. This institution has a proud legacy to maintain. We are fortunate to have a modern facility surrounded by seven acres of land.

People make this agency work and we plan to continue to seek community support in carrying out our mission.

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